Saturday, July 3, 2010

Yes I'm Pissed!

I absofuckinglutely hate these kind of ppl...
I feel super insulted everytime i talk to him!
It's so bloody fucking annoying!
YES I'm pissed at you!!
If you want to un-piss me then get a freakin clue!!
Stop pissing me off more everytime I'm less pissed!!
What kind of IDIOT are you!!
If you just decide to live to piss me off then I suggest you FUCK OFF before I make you!
I apologized for snapping!
But I was still mad!
Whose fault was that in the 1st place!!??
But you decide to blow me off anyway!!??
Who The Hell do you think I am!!??
YOU wanted to make things right 1st didn't you!!??
I snapped!!
I said tht I AM SORRY!!
Wasn't it enough!
Bastard!! You are so anal!!
Go Fuck Yourself!!

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